The competition pattern of lamps and lanterns changes.

Released in: 2018-01-29

In the present market of lamps and lanterns, though the number increased year by year, but for consumers, the well-known brand name is only then two or three, increasing competition in the industry situation is relatively weak and market under the market environment, enterprise want to stand out in many brands of lamps and lanterns, still need to strengthen the construction of its own brand. Lamps and lanterns of the competitive landscape changes, enterprise brand gradually concentrated industry of lamps and lanterns at home after nearly 30 years of history to precipitate, today's market compared with twenty years of market of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, great changes have taken place in all aspects. For a long time, the market brands of the lamps and lanterns are numerous, the group is a deer, and in the housing market, no matter the small and small enterprises, can get a piece of the soup, the day is also moistened. But in the context of economic transformation and new normal, industry consolidation is accelerating and brands are moving towards concentration. As foreign brands of lamps and lanterns of urbanization after many years of accumulation, has been squeezed out quite a number of small brand market, domestic brand also quickly concentrated at the same time, some small brands have, its share of the market by annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan of the brands of lamps and lanterns broken, great changes have taken place in the competitive situation of industry of lamps and lanterns. In order to become one of the few brands that will survive after the change of pattern, the lamps and lanterns enterprises must have a new method in the operation of the brand.

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