Officially launched two months ago, this lighting industry award attracted more than 200 companies to declare!

Released in: 2018-01-29

In 18 days, 2017 will be over and 2018 is coming! With that coming, the annual meeting of the company's annual performance and employees' achievements will be coming soon. It is very exciting to think that the annual meeting will be free to eat and eat. Of course, there are all kinds of year-end bonus, the best employee award, which can have the annual champion team award, which can also have the Aladdin magic lamp award, which can be more! From guangzhou international lighting fair organizers in the Frankfurt exhibition co., LTD., guangzhou has launched Aladdin magic lamp awards are lighting industry has the international influence of awards, has been successfully held five sessions. In the past five years, the lighting industry has selected a number of innovative and practical excellent products and technologies, the classical works of light culture and art and energy conservation, as well as creative design works. And through the Internet +, the promotion of excellent products between manufacturers and users to establish a benign interactive connection to promote the health development of the lighting industry. The award has been widely recognized by the industry. The annual Aladdin lamp awards are officially launched in October and November of the previous year, and a grand prize presentation ceremony was held on June 9, the year of the guangzhou international lighting exhibition. It is understood that the sixth Aladdin magic lamp award in this year's October 15, officially launched to declare for two months, the secretariat of the organizing committee received from 205 250 units and individuals to submit application projects; Among them, 142 items (79 items, 41 technical categories, 20 design categories and 2 engineering projects) have been approved.

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