The four big mistake that lamps and lanterns chooses.

Released in: 2018-01-29

Filed a lighting installation, many people would disdain: lights, small objects, the early stage of the transformation of water and electricity is all cloth line, switch, socket, go to the market to pick a few collocation of indoor style lamp is finished. Not really. Misconceptions about the lack of knowledge of lighting, choose light alone look cross-eyed quite a number of users lack of understanding of the lighting professional knowledge, when lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, often only focus on appearance size, energy saving and power, as for the light of lamps and lanterns, color temperature and color rendering about lighting environment health index, poorly understood. In fact, too strong or too weak light intensity, inappropriate color temperature, color, easy to create the mood of irritability, depression. Phase error without planning in advance, decorate the tail reelection how advocate the lamp, lamp switch socket is installed where do you want to shoot the light, where to put a floor lamp, how choose the control mode of lamps and lanterns is not to say that the dress can be installed, not only relation with the overall planning of space lighting, also involves the modification of the circuit. Not only makes the house look not beautiful, but too many or too little light source can affect the comfort of home life. Myth only pay attention to lighting, ignore the art of decoration except as the main light lanterns with room adornment effect is self-evident, adjustable wall lamp, LED light is a scenery of hanging on the wall; The small droplight in the corner, floor lamp or desk lamp, in creating more abundant illuminant, can build warm, romantic bedroom atmosphere again. The mistake is to focus only on the overhead light, and ignore the light on the ground. The main thing is to put the light on the roof of the house. When the family is doing condole top decorate, the place USES light to plan to go in. The floor lamp mainly refers to the floor lamp. At the beginning of the night, if ordinary lamps and lanterns are opened, too strong light will stimulate the eyes, which will affect the rest of the sleep, switch and so on. The soft light of floor lamp makes a person more comfortable, do not affect the continuity of sleep. The ground lamp with intelligent sensor does not need manual switch, it can send out soft light automatically at night, especially suitable for the family of children and old people.

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